The Sending - 900+ pages (and counting!)


Just a couple of little updates from Isobelle, about The Sending!

Just a couple of little updates from Isobelle, about The Sending!

[hr][/hr]In an email this morning:
The last book looks like being a whopper and I am daunted by the size the book will be- I am at 900 pages now with a way to go in the story- it is such a bore to hold a great fat book like that- I mean seriously, your arms ache and you can't stick it in a handbag. But in the states it will again be in two books, and I will write an end of the first half and a new beginning of the second half- in fact I was aware of the split to come when I was writing and very much feeling for the best place to break the book, which I believe I have.
And if you aren't on Facebook, you may have missed the update last night:
Isobelle Carmody updates about The Sending
Thankfully the manuscript has been recovered, and backed up many times!


    8 years ago

    if it was really lost i wouldn't be typing this for i'd be dead.

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    Moonlight cat
    8 years ago

    i near had a haert attack when i read that

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    8 years ago

    Oh dear! That's a fright!!
    [ edited 04 Nov 10 : 22:52 ]

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    8 years ago

    We're getting a Tome.. we're getting a Tome... :D Although, if IC's computer really is the Destroyer, that might not be all that we get. O,O

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    8 years ago

    Completely agree Min! That was almost a tragedy, and poor Isobelle may have actually had a heart attack if it was gone!

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