Unless you've been living under a rock, you've undoubtedly already seen the future cover for the Penguin (Australia) version of The Sending...but, have you seen these?
They're the Random House versions of the cover/s:
the US/Random House version of The Sendingthe US/Random House version of The Red Queen

Or...read this?
After years spent struggling to balance her desires with her responsibilities, Elspeth Gordie has fully embraced her role as the Seeker. Battle-scarred and lovelorn, haunted by memories of her beloved Rushton, Elspeth is not prepared for what she finds at the end of the black road she travels: the Compound, a lost community with a startling secret...

These are the future covers for the Random House (US/Canadian) version of The Sending - which is being split into 2 books over there - The Sending, and The Red Queen, plus a little of the back-cover blurb of The Red Queen.
Confused? Good, so are we - we've explained the versions of the Obernewtyn Chronicles in greater depth here in the IC FAQ.

Many thanks to Susie for bringing these covers to our attention!
If you'd like to join in the discussion on them - and the entire blurbs that are going on the back (spoilers aplenty!), head over to this thread: The Sending and The Red Queen covers and summaries. The Red Queen The Sending Random House Obernewtyn Obernewtyn Chronicles


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