It's 12th November, which means that Isobelle Carmody's final Obernewtyn Chronicles book, The Red Queen is now available!
While a few book stores broke the embargo and sold copies of The Red Queen prior to launch day *glares*, the majority will be putting stock to shelf this morning. As well as being able to buy yourself a copy of the massive tome (all 1120 pages of it!), most eBook versions of The Red Queen were available for download at midnight.

Whichever way you'll be reading this final chapter of Elspeth Gordie's journey, enjoy and remember to pop back in and squee (/or lament?) over everything in our page by page thread or The Red Queen Spoiler thread.

Congratulations Isobelle and happy reading everybody!
Remember that Isobelle is now on tour around Australia for The Red Queen's launch, so check her Red Queen Tour Dates post to see if Isobelle will be talking in a city near you! The Red Queen Obernewtyn Obernewtyn Chronicles


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    2 years ago
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    Ohhh, the pages are so soft, just so velvety... I'm in book heaven!

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