With just over a month to go until The Sending is supposed to be released in stores, we have word that it's been spotted - and loaned out - in selected public libraries in Australia.
The heads up was given by member Tez;

Hey, just thought I would pass on the news (if you didn't already know) that The Sending is available in some public libraries in Australia, even though it is almost a month earlier than the release date published on the Penguin website. I have borrowed the book and already have it at home. Just thought I should pass this news on to keen Isobelle Carmody fans!!

The appearance of The Sending has been verified now in several libraries (but not every one). If you manage to loan out a copy, and/or know of any others sitting there just waiting to be read, let us know about it in this thread: Is The Sending available NOW in your public library?.

...yeah, we can't quite believe it either!

Update: Schis has done some sleuthing, and found the following National Library of Australia list, that pins these early editions to a total of 18 libraries.

To anyone who has read, or is reading The Sending

A plea/request from members, and from Isobelle herself. It's going to take some time, probably many months, for all members invested in the Obernewtyn Chronicles to obtain and read The Sending. So, could any discussions on events occurring in The Sending please be confined to the Theories Board - there has been an early The Sending set up to kick off and facilitate discussion.

Happy reading for anyone lucky enough to locate a copy this early! The Sending Obernewtyn Obernewtyn Chronicles


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    6 years ago
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    hello im new my friend lent me a copy of the sending and its amazing.

    6 years ago
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    Got a bit more info overnight, and apparently this happens from time to time, though Isobelle didn't know they were going to do it. She's not upset about it though - she said (I'll quote her cause it was wonderful): "I kind of like the strange determination of the book to be out there - almost as if it is responding to readers desires for it!"
    Her only worry is that someone might leak out spoilers and spoil it for others.

    6 years ago
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    This is so mind blowing! Oh why can't I be in Australia to go hunting for this book in libraries! As it is I don't know how I will get the aust version of the book since all the amazon type websites I am reading have wierd two part editions. Happy reading to those lucky ducks who get it first!

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