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Obernewtyn Community - a new way to talk to your fellow misfits

Today Obernewtyn.net has created a closed group on Facebook, called Obernewtyn Community, which is intended to help Isobelle Carmody fans old and new to reconnect via the much more user-friendly (and notification-friendly!

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Enter the Visions of Obernewtyn Photography Comp for a chance to win an excerpt of The Red Queen!

We don't usually make news items out of our own competitions, but this one is so special and exciting we figured it would be worth it!

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Isobelle finishes Metro Winds! (Edit 24/02/2012 - large version of cover!)

Many of you who follow Isobelle on Facebook would have seen yesterday's gleeful "Finished!

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Isobelle Status Update About The Red Queen; Penguin Tweets Sending Posters

[strike]Two[/strike] Three teensy bits of news today, both mega-exciting and thus worth documenting here.

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Isobelle Carmody Finishes Editing The Sending!

An extraordinary thing posted on Facebook to make everyone's day!

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Isobelle has FINISHED The Sending!

Exciting news posted on Isobelle Carmody's Facebook wall this morning!

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Isobelle dreams about events in The Sending

Isobelle seems to be keeping well as she continues to edit her current works.

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