Legends of Australian Fantasy - out today!


According to the Harper Collins website, Legends of Australian Fantasy is out today!

According to the Harper Collins website, Legends of Australian Fantasy is out today!

[hr][/hr]Update: Despite the release date being listed on several websites as the 1st June 2010, the book doesn't appear to be in any bookshops yet! Most bookstores are saying it will be a week or so before it physically turns up. If you find it first, or want to discuss which stores you've had success with, drop by this thread and let everyone know! The book contains The Dark Road, and in Isobelle's own words; "Her story reveals a secret that readers of the Obernewtyn series cannot otherwise discover". Harper Collins have listed on their site where you can purchase the book from.
Celebrate the legends of Australian fantasy. Extraordinary voices ... extraordinary worlds. Come to Erith, to a faerie tale with a sting, or to Obernewtyn, long before the Seeker was born. Revisit a dark pocket of history for the Magician's Guild or get caught up in the confusion of an endlessly repeating day in the Citadel. Cross the wall, where Charter magic is all that lies between you and death. A trip with a graverobber can be gruesome, and it's hard to share the fear of a woman who must kill her husband if her child is to rule... A mysterious tale plays out in Sevenwaters. Catch up with Ros and Adi as they prepare for the greatest change of all. Other twists in these fabulous tales bring us to demonic destiny and an alternate WWII. These eleven short novels will take you on amazing new journeys with favourite characters from the worlds you know and love...
So get out there, get a copy, and get reading! Once you're done, pop by The Dark Road theory thread and tell us what you thought!


    9 years ago

    Just a note to anyone who may be having trouble finding a copy - most online bookstores now either have it in stock or are able to order it, and most physical bookstores would be able to order it in for you if it's not on the shelf. :)

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    Moonlight cat
    9 years ago

    OMG i nearly had a conniption :O just then (small explosion of the brain) i cant wait to get it. im out of cash but i have not had a b'day present yet[act]Mwahahaha ;D[/act]

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    9 years ago

    Well - angus & Robertson have it listed as today...I'm hoping that means it's in stores?

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    9 years ago

    Do we know if we can purchase it at bookstores like Borders or Angus & Robertsons?

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