Legends of Australian Fantasy: The Dark Road


"Come to Obernewtyn, long before the Seeker was born..."

"Come to Obernewtyn, long before the Seeker was born..."
This morning Isobelle kindly shared an image of a cover by Gregory Bridges from an anthology she's contributed to. The anthology, edited by Jack Dann and Jonathan Strahan and called Legends of Australian Fantasy is set to come out in June this year, and contains a short story by Isobelle.


this is the collection with the story I sent to you set between the Beforetime and before Obernewtyn begins.

Isobelle Carmody
Yes, that's right folks - it's set in the world of Obernewtyn, but not in the same timeline. Isobelle shared with us at the 2009 Sydney Meet that the premise of this anthology - and all of the other stories that have been contributed - was to write in a world you have created - but from a different character's perspective: (from the Harper-Collins website): So many voices; so many worlds ... Australia′s internationally bestselling fantasy writers take you on a few side roads with favourite characters from the worlds you already know and love ... Come to Erith, to a faerie tale with a sting, or to Obernewtyn, long before the Seeker was born. Revisit a dark pocket of history for the Magician′s Guild or get caught up in the confusion of an endlessly repeating day in the Citadel. Cross the wall, where Charter magic is all that lies between you and death. A trip with a graverobber can be gruesome, and it′s hard to share the fear of a woman who must kill her husband if her child is to rule ... An unfinished story plays out in Sevenwaters. Catch up with Ros and Adi as they prepare for the greatest change of all. Other twists in these fabulous tales bring us to demonic destiny and an alternate WWII ... These are not short stories. They are lengthy novellas ... eleven never-before-told-stories from familiar worlds. Celebrate the legends of Australian fantasy. Isobelle chose Hannah Seraphim as her protagonist; and trust me - you're in for a LOT of surprises! Having ([act]hides[/act] |:( ) ...contributed to this story somewhat (long story, see this thread!) and knowing just how many exciting spoilers are in store for IC fans (I think I spent the first 5 reads [act]squeeing[/act] before I could form coherent sentences), this is definitely a book to look out for. We have a little more information about the book here (such as the table of contents).


    9 years ago

    Only one more month until June. :D I'm sure Garth Nix's story will be beautifully written as well.

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    9 years ago

    Классный сайт молодцы!

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    9 years ago

    omg COOOL only I wish it was coming out sooner. I love both Juliet Marillier and Isobelle Carmody.

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    9 years ago


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    9 years ago

    Oh wow, so awesome that IC has a story in this anthology :D

    For those who are fans of his, Garth Nix has also contributed to this anthology, a new Old Kingdom novella 'To Hold the Bridge' :)

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