Trust Me Too launched - containing Hannah Seraphim short story by Isobelle


Trust Me Too, an anthology by Ford St Publishing, was launched this month.

Trust Me Too, an anthology by Ford St Publishing, was launched this month. On of the short stories in it is by Isobelle, titled The Journey, and it's about Obernewtyn Chronicles Beforetimer, Hannah Seraphim!

...She recognized him from the holovids and nuscan bites as soon as she was ushered into his office. Tall and handsome, electric blue eyes, a great eccentric mane of white-blond hair and a smile that seemed just a little too bright and wide in real life. William Reichler was fleshier than in the vids, but the visual slimdown might not be vanity. Cam crews always shaved off podge claiming it was aesthetically unappealing and therefore bad for ratings. When he rose and held out his hand to her, she noted his pupils were dilated. She told herself hers were probably dilated, too, after the stimutabs and coffee, and so what if he had slipped a couple of uppers. Everyone used them in corporate cities...
Read the full excerpt here You can buy Trust Me Too and find out the rest of Hannah's journey from Ford St directly, here, or head down to your local bookshop and ask them to order a copy for you.


    6 years ago

    Now I am super excited for the BC :D

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    6 years ago

    It's truly wonderful getting a glimpse of the Beforetime. :D

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    6 years ago

    They're different stories - The Dark Road was set after the Great White and followed Hannah Seraphim's daughter - The Journey is pre-meeting-Cassy, original Hannah Seraphim, and how she came to work for the Reichler Clinic :D

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    6 years ago

    ‎'The Journey'? Is this different to 'The Black Road' that was published in the Legends of Australian Fantasy? The excerpt looks about the same to me, bit confused.

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