Official Release of The Sending at Supernova Brisbane


The Sending has now officially been released since Saturday!

The Sending has now officially been released since Saturday! Although many of you were able to get your hands on copies well before the official date, the official release at Supernova Brisbane was a big event for all Obernewtyn fans, and enjoyed immensely by those able to attend it.

[hr][/hr]We have one very fortunate member, none other than our very own Min, who was asked by Isobelle Carmody to launch The Sending! For those not there, you can view the video of the event here:
Today on the forums Min commented regarding the experience,“It was a massive honour and I'll remember it for the rest of my life, don't quite know how to explain how much it meant to me.” Isobelle was available for signings and photos at the Dymocks stall for most of the weekend with many fans turning up and taking the opportunity to meet her. Anyone that got the chance to meet and talk to Isobelle has only had good things to say about our favourite author, noting how pleasant and down to earth she was to talk to. So a very big thank you to Isobelle for taking the time to meet her fans on what must be a very busy and hectic release tour, and a congratulations from all of us at on the release of The Sending. Have you gone to one of Isobelle's tour stops? Share your story with us over in the Isobelle's Sending Publicity Tour thread, we would all love to hear it. For anything you may have gleaned from talking to Isobelle about The Sending, come over and discuss it in The Sending Spoiler Thread.


    7 years ago

    The audio's never very good at the wrestling ring :-/
    I think I still have the speech on my
    Phone, I'll post it up later if I do.

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    7 years ago

    Hi Min - I am having trouble hearing what you are saying in the video - did you have your speech written down? I would love to read it if you have it!

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    7 years ago

    Ha, I am in the background of this video. :3

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    7 years ago

    And thanks goes to Loren for letting us borrow her copy of the Sending to show/hold during it - we arrived at the ring and realised we didn't have a copy with us [act]facepalm[/act] - but, Obernetters to the rescue :)

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