Isobelle Status Update About The Red Queen; Penguin Tweets Sending Posters


[strike]Two[/strike] Three teensy bits of news today, both mega-exciting and thus worth documenting here.

[strike]Two[/strike] Three teensy bits of news today, both mega-exciting and thus worth documenting here.


1. Isobelle is in Red Queen-land

...that is, she's deep into writing The Red Queen, final Obernewtyn Chronicles book, as posted as her facebook status update this morning: Isobelle writing The Red Queen

2. Penguin Have Posters For The Sending is evident by their twitpic from this afternoon of a stack of them. If you're not already following Isobelle and Penguin on their various social media locations, you can do so here: Isobelle on Facebook | Isobelle on Twitter
PenguinBooksAus on Twitter


The following day, Isobelle posted two nice little bits of wisdom regarding inspiration, and it felt apt to add them to this news item: Isobelle Carmody: being a writer is sometimes like when you know you need to do some homework and you have been putting it off and off, and now this is the last minute and you have made yourself start, but your head feels numb and unresponsive. This is the groping for voice thing that always happens at the start of something. You know you can't do it properly until the voice feels right. That is when the inspiration fills you. And all the while outside the sun is shining and people are living lives that seem so purposeful and bright and you are sitting inside feeling like a whipped puppy. SighIsobelle Carmody: the thing about inspiration is you can't wait for it to come up and lay its head in your lap like a unicorn. That is the myth of inspiration. You have to muster up and hunt it like the wild fey thing it is. It only comes at me when I am racing after it full tilt in the misty moonless darkness, praying I am not running towards the edge of or into the face of a cliff. It takes faith and courage and energy and sheer madness to catch it, and even then, it will kiss you and slip away when the mood takes it because you can never own something that wild and beautiful.


    7 years ago

    That's really beautiful wisdom! A pity I'm not allowed on Facebook... :( At least I can read it here, though :)

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    7 years ago

    Awesome words! I want that sort of thing to come out of my brain!

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    7 years ago

    Wow thats cool! Just wasn't sure about the decorum for these sorts of things.
    I knew she was findable - as I found her myself ages ago - but thought it presumptious of me to try and add her as a friend. Very glad to hear that she adds fans as friends!
    That's really awesome of Isobelle to do that - I learn something new everyday! thanks for info!

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    7 years ago

    She is findable via a very brief search on facebook - and she's already friends with a lot of her fans. The link is there so that everyone has the opportunity to friend her, just as we've all had for a while now.

    Just wanted to update, that in her fb post she had a comment from a fan about writers block, and came back with this response that others might like / find useful:

    W Block

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    7 years ago

    Umm, not wanting to be rude, but I just wanted to point out that perhaps the link to Isobelle's facebook page should be updated to her author page instead? Isobelle might not appreciate all us random people trying to friend her (no doubt she would ignore it like any sensible person) but its more likely the updates will be put on her author page:-)

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