Wanderers' Hall

A community based on peace, love, and disappearing for long periods of time without warning. Unencumbered by rules or competitive spirit, we prefer to follow our own paths. While we are led by the mighty Rex Ficus, we prefer to think of ourselves as an Autonomous Collective (or an Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune). Once a Wanderer, always a Wanderer, and you'll always have our love, our Tim Tams, and a warm spot by the fire.
Join the Wanderers and be free to wander the world, always sure that when you return, there'll be Tim Tams waiting for you, and a faithful Dual Flush Toilet curled up on the rug.

Guildmaster: Rex Ficus
Guilden: Helena
Ward: Kaede and Blackbird
Guild members: Wanderers Guild member list


Mascot(s): The Dual Flush Toilet (which is technically not an animal. But we don't have to follow your rules!

Guild Achievements: Contribute to our Guild an be rewarded with love. And the odd elephant privilege -- Lioness Ep

Identified by: Tim Tams and Dual Flush Toilets (and elephants)


Moonfair Awards

4th place in the 2012 Moonfair!

4th place in the 2011 Moonfair!

Mf2010 Spoon
4th place in the 2010 Moonfair!

4th place in the 2009 Moonfair!

4th place in the 2008 Moonfair!

3rd place in the 2007 Moonfair!

4th place in the 2006 Moonfair!

4th place in the 2005 Moonfair!

4th place in the 2004 Moonfair!

Second place in the 2003 Moonfair!

Ongoing Guild Competition

Wandies 0910
The Wanderers Guild won the 2009-2010 Ongoing Guild competition!

Wandies 0105
The Wanderers Guild won the 2001-2005 Ongoing Guild competition!

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