Our Bloomsbury contact Flora would like to announce the arrival of Obernewtyn.co.uk, the Bloomsbury Publishing website dedicated to the Obernewtyn Chronicles, with information about Isobelle and each of the Ober Chron books, plus links and downloads relating to the Chronicles (similar to Penguin AU's Obernewtyn.com.au).
Bloomsbury taking on the Obernewtyn Chronicles is exciting news for many UK fans as for the past - what would be close to 15 years now - Isobelle hasn't had a UK publisher. UK fans have been buying Isobelle's books from online booksellers or asked friends in countries where they are published to post them over.

Obernewtyn.co.uk will be publishing an interview soon on the Videos, Links and Downloads page, and currently you can read synopses of the books, download an Obernewtyn poster, or visit links to other Isobelle Carmody related sites.

Thanks for letting us know about it Flora (and thanks for the link to us! )! Bloomsbury Obernewtyn Obernewtyn Chronicles


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    6 years ago
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    Great news for the UKers! Interesting they've gone with the split books.

    6 years ago
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