We've just had word from Obernetter and Collins bookseller manager, Ethereal, regarding Isobelle's August talk in Bendigo in which she's sent us full details of the event.
In case you needed any more of an incentive to attend:

She will be talking mostly about The Sending.


The Details:

Date: Saturday 6th August, 2011
Time: 12 noon - 2 pm
Place: R L Campbell Theatrette,
Bendigo Library,
Hargreaves Street,
Bendigo VIC 3550.
[ map ]

Tickets can be booked at either of our two stores:
Bendigo - 03 5443 2695, email: -email-,
Centro Lansell - 03 5447 1944, email: -email-

The misfits would be best off contacting the Centro Lansell store and asking for Chris to get the tickets quickest.
Chris also said that he wants to make sure that any of the misfits who want to go get tickets so we're letting you guys know the booking details a little before the promotional stuff goes up around town.


This is such a wonderful privilege / gift from Collins so please be sure that you book your tickets ASAP if you are lucky enough to be in the area and are planning on going. Bendigo Collins Booksellers The Sending Obernewtyn Obernewtyn Chronicles


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    7 years ago
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    Thanks James! How do we access the stream, I can't see a link on the facebook event? Can we get it as a podcast by any chance?
    [ edited 17 Aug 11 : 17:37 ]

    7 years ago
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    I heard you guys wanted a podcast well as our stream crashed last week nobody heard it outside of bendigo anyway so now is your chance to listen to isobelle's interview and some of her talk in bendigo.

    7 years ago
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    7 years ago
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    Oh Why is it the one weekend I'm busy?

    Thanks for information Ethereal!!

    7 years ago
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    Any people 'thinking' of making it down from Sydney?
    [ edited 09 Jul 11 : 15:56 ]

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