After discussion in this thread about The Sending being released in August 2010 - I though maybe it was best to ask Isobelle instead of endlessly speculate on the release date to come.
And I've received word back last night.

- she's waiting on Nan's (her editor's) notes for The Sending. She'll know how much work/time is involved once they come back.

- Random are trying to get her to send the first half (what they're publishing as "The Sending") as is, to edit with their own editor. Isobelle doesn't want to have to try editing the same book with two different editors - as she had to do with another book once. So she's asking them to wait for her to have one more go over it.

- she thinks that the book cannot come out in the US before the Australian release; licensing/publishing laws. I think this is right, I vaguely remember Sharlene mentioning something about this new publishing guideline in Australia.

- As for when it will come out in Australia - again, she says she'll know more for certain once her editor's notes are back - but she doesn't think they will bring it out in August. It's likely they would release later in the year. Which wouldn't be fair because...

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