Many of you following Isobelle Carmody on Facebook would have already seen this, but for those who haven't: an Obernewtyn Chronicles fan recently posted on Isobelle's wall, asking for more details about the primary antagonist and slave master now that The Red Queen is over, and Isobelle has responded!
The question on Facebook was:
I've been super intrigued by the Ariel / Salamander relationship for a while now. It seems to me that they were together for almost a decade and used each other to solidify their own power. Just wondering if you had any plans to maybe write a short story or outline about their relationship? With out spoiling anything, after the red queen I have so many questions! I'd go nuts for any tidbits

And Isobelle replied with:
I do mean to explore their relationship further when I resolve dragon and matthew's story

We've been hearing rumours of a Matthew short story for years now, so it's interesting to hear a little more about what the story will contain!

Isobelle Carmody teases an Obernewtyn Chronicles short story, starring Matthew and Dragon, and featuring more exploration of Salamander and Ariel's relationship The Red Queen Obernewtyn Chronicles Salamander Ariel Matthew Dragon Short story


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