Please be mindful of others when you post spoilers. We've set up two threads to contain all your thoughts and squees.
No one likes a spoiler, so please be careful where and when you post about The Red Queen either here on Obernet or elsewhere out there on the net.

The first page by page thread lets you post your thoughts as you think of them. Just be sure to list the page you are up to and use the spoiler tag.
The second thread is The Red Queen SPOILER THREAD. Post without the spoiler tags but just make a long opening sentence for each post so that no spoilers end up in the Recent Posts list on the side.

Some other tips to avoid spoilers, especially on facebook:
  • Unfollow people or pages you think might post spoilers. This is different to unfriending and simply stops you from seeing their posts on your feed (without them knowing). Just go to their page and use the drop down box on their banner
  • Use an app like Unspoiler for chrome to hide posts and webpages that contain spoilers
  • Go completely dark. Say good bye to your friends, switch off your phone, computer, and live like a hermit until you've finished reading. Not recommended but a sure way to avoid spoilers

So just be courteous towards other readers and think before you post. The Red Queen Obernewtyn Obernewtyn Chronicles Spoilers


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    2 years ago
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    I'm going hermit as soon as I get the book. Nobody had better need me long as it takes!

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