In a couple of social media posts last night, Isobelle Carmody confirmed what many of us have been wondering: YES, she has finished The Red Queen, final Obernewtyn Chronicles book, and handed it in to Penguin to publish for the 12th November!
In case you've been hiding under a rock (or, don't check Facebook or Twitter all that often), here's how the news was announced:

Isobelle Carmody finishes The Red Queen, final Obernewtyn book
(via Isobelle's facebook account)

The same meme, of Frodo saying "It's over. It's done." was tweeted by Isobelle (@firecatz) last night as well.

Shortly after, the news was confirmed by Penguin, with this post (again, on both Facebook and Twitter):

Isobelle Carmody visited the Penguin office, handing in her final finished pages of The Red Queen to her publisher, Laura Harris!

As you would expect, the internet has exploded with excitement from fans, some who have been on almost a 30-year journey with Elspeth and the misfits.
The Red Queen is due in stores on November 12th, and you can pre-order it from all major Australian book stores (Bookworld, Booktopia). International members can pre-order the finale in the Obernewtyn Chronicles from Fishpond.

We're nearly there, guys! Woohoo!! Obernewtyn Chronicles The Red Queen


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    2 years ago
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    I'm relieved! I really need some closure on the series... Game of Thrones is going to destroy me.

    2 years ago
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    I'm telling myself it's not ending, because we'll have the Beforetime Chronicles to look forward to! Can't imagine that universe ever truly ending.

    2 years ago
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    Such exciting news! (and so sad too that it really is coming to a close so soon)

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