With The Red Queen coming out in a little over 6 months it's the perfect time to start a re-read of the journey so far!
6 books? 6 months? Perfect!
While you're reading along we'll open a new discussion thread each month for each book starting on the 1st of May for Obernewtyn.
No reason to not start that re-read now though!
Also, as you read along, think of some questions for Isobelle and post them in this thread.
We've got lots of theory threads as well so go and discuss new ideas as you think of them.
Discussion threads will be found over at the Obernet Book Club. Red Queen Obernet Book Club Obernewtyn Chronicles Re-read Obernewtyn The Red Queen


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    2 years ago
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    Okay I am a total newbie! I just read the first book, for the first time, but when I went the second book I feel like I missed a ton of stuff!! Am I just being paranoid or was there a book in between that I missed? Or a spin off? Any help would be s rigidly appreciated!!

    3 years ago
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    Before or during, or even after, just be aware there may be spoilers pertaining to each book if you haven't read before (though I'm thinking most people will have already).

    3 years ago
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    is the assumption that we'll read each book before the discussion post? I need to get reading

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