We were only alerted to its presence yesterday, but this interview is a great one - in which Isobelle discusses The Obernewtyn Chronicles, what inspired her to write it in the first place, writing for YA and children in general, and that she is thinking about adapting The Obernewtyn Chronicles into a TV series one day.
Yes, you read that correctly.

Ms. Carmody is working on a screenplay for one of her books and finds the process fascinating as she has to resolve certain things that work in a written medium but would need resolution for a successful adaptation to the screen. She revealed that she is seriously thinking of writing The Obernewtyn Chronicles (somewhere down the line) as a miniseries for (presumably) TV once the books in the series have been completed.

The mention of The Obernewtyn Chronicles TV series possibility is brief and mentioned alongside that she is in the process of converting Greylands into a film, and has sparked a discussion over on the Obernewtyn.net Facebook page.
If the prospect of a TV series or film of any of Isobelle's work tickles your fancy (or doesn't!), we have a whole forum dedicated to the topic if you'd like to drop by and tell us your thoughts: Movie Ideas & Visualisation forum.

This interview comes via The Book Wars, and the whole interview can be read here: Isobelle Carmody: An interview/an apology/an introduction. Thanks to Jessica for pointing it out to us and thanks to Yash from The Book Wars for giving us permission to post it to our Interviews & Media archive, here: Isobelle Carmody interview by The Book Wars. Isobelle Carmody Interview Obernewtyn Obernewtyn Chronicles Obernewtyn TV series


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