Our lovely contact at Penguin, Jordan, has recently sent us a bunch of autographed copies of The Sending to give away to Obernet members.
Edit: The winners have been picked - head over to the competition page to see their entries! The Sending of The Sending Competition - Winners!
We realise that there's a lot of people, be it in Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, America - most of the world for that matter - that haven't been able to acquire a copy yet, so this competition is open to every member of Obernet, from any country, with one condition: if you win, you need to be able to pay for your own postage. But that's it. Pay for postage (via EFT), you get a signed book.

For full details of this competition, head over to our competition page: The Sending of The Sending Competition.

MANY thanks go to Penguin for making this competition possible! The Sending Obernewtyn Chronicles Obernewtyn Penguin
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