Isobelle posted another excerpt today on her blog post, Judging a Book by its Cover.
The excerpt is from Metro Winds, a short story from her upcoming collection (also called Metro Winds).
Metro Winds Allen amp Unwin Inside a dog blog
Today on, Isobelle blogged, as part of her author-in-residency for March 2012, a sneak-peak of her short story titled The Journey.
The Journey will be published in an anthology called Trust Me Too by Ford Street Publishing in June 2012.
The Journey Trust Me Too Hannah Seraphim Obernewtyn Obernewtyn Chronicles Ford St William Reichler Inside a dog blog
Many of you who follow Isobelle on Facebook would have seen yesterday's gleeful "Finished!!!!" on her timeline and read about it there, but for those of you who haven't seen it:
Metro Winds Facebook
Posted with permission from the lovely Ms Rowena Cory-Daniells, we have a wonderful new Isobelle interview archived here on Obernet.
In this interview, Isobelle and Rowena discuss inspiration, why write fantasy, and sources of creativity, to name a few topics.
Rowena Cory-Daniells Isobelle Carmody interview
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