Isobelle's latest blog post, Too many angels, gives us a brief look at an upcoming dream Elspeth experiences from The Red Queen:
The Red Queen Spoilers The Slipstream
We don't usually make news items out of our own competitions, but this one is so special and exciting we figured it would be worth it!
This competition is now closed; thanks to everyone who entered!
The Red Queen Competition Facebook Photography
Moonfair 2012 results are in!
And with a staggering 1129 Moonfair points earned, the Moonfair Cup goes (for the 9th time!) to -
Moonfair Moonfair Cup Mystics Guilds
The folk at Dark Matter Fanzine have published an hour-long video recording of Isobelle's Greylands relaunch event that took place at Readings Carlton on 22 October 2012.
Greylands Greylands eBook Launch Dark Matter Fanzine Readings Carlton
Isobelle will be back this way in October, and will be making several appearances at writers festivals, book shops and libraries. We'll add to the list as more dates and places are confirmed!
Ubud Writers Festival Ballarat Library Fitzroy Library Readings Carlton Maureen McCarthy Greylands The Literature Centre Fremantle Bali Ballarat Ararat Fitzroy Carlton Fremantle
Isobelle's children's book, Journey from the Centre of the Earth, is back in print thanks to Hachette. This beautiful book, written by Carmody and illustrated by Marc McBride, looks at what became of the duck that was left swimming in the underground lake in Jules Verne's Journey to the Centre of the Earth.
Journey from the Centre of the Earth Marc McBride Hachette
The 10th Annual Moonfair is now open!
What is Moonfair? holds an annual online Moonfair, based on the idea from The Obernewtyn Chronicles, of the community fair. Activities in our online version of the Moonfair can include games, puzzles, treasure hunts, writing and art comps, recipes, quizzes, storyboards...anything goes, as members come up with the competitions for a few months prior to Moonfair launch!
Moonfair 2012 is now open, though - and runs, as usual, from September 1st to October 31st.

Those of you who were following the Greylands eBook Launch website would have already seen, but for those of you who weren't - Greylands, Isobelle's Auralis-award winning novel, is being republished by Ford St Publishing.
Greylands Ford St Greylands eBook
Trust Me Too, an anthology by Ford St Publishing, was launched this month. On of the short stories in it is by Isobelle, titled The Journey, and it's about Obernewtyn Chronicles Beforetimer, Hannah Seraphim!
Hannah Seraphim Obernewtyn Chronicles The Journey Ford St Trust Me Too
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