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The final tally was:
Dreamweavers - 516 points; Ashlings - 439 points; Mystics - 429 points; Wanderers - 348 points.
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Isobelle has recently posted a fascinating article on the Dear Teen Me website, writing a letter to her 14-year-old self. It's a beautiful read, providing insights into our favourite author's teenage life and the driving forces behind her picking up a pen and forging a career that means so much to so many.
Dear Teen Me
The second book in Isobelle Carmody's award-winning children's series The Kingdom of the Lost is out today (24 April 2013) in hardback format in stores around Australia.
The Cloud Road will also be available in audiobook format in July this year from Bolinda - see Bolinda Publishing's The Cloud Road page for more info.
The Cloud Road Kingdom of the Lost Penguin Bolinda Books
Penguin are releasing the paperback edition of The Sending on April 24th, so if you didn't manage to get yourself a copy in its large format - and are having trouble tracking down a copy right now - the wait will be over in 10 days.
The Sending Obernewtyn Chronicles Obernewtyn Penguin
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