That Masked Ball that you've probably heard about that Isobelle Carmody will be putting together to launch The Red Queen and send off the Obernewtyn Chronicles? Yeah, it's happening! Here's everything we know so far:
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In a couple of social media posts last night, Isobelle Carmody confirmed what many of us have been wondering: YES, she has finished The Red Queen, final Obernewtyn Chronicles book, and handed it in to Penguin to publish for the 12th November!
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Isobelle Carmody already has several appearances lined up for 2015 in Australia, where she'll be lecturing, signing books and talking to fans.
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While Isobelle's been offline finishing The Red Queen for it's November release date, she has made a few in-person appearances at events she'd committed to prior to "going dark". Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have served up photos and comments from these events, and we've collected them into one post here!
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