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Wed Nov 02 2011, 04:22AM

Guild: Mystics

Closed for entries, Open for comments!

By popular demand, we're running a t-shirt design competition from now until May next year, to collect some amazing designs to use in Obernet's zazzle shop.

Your task is to come up with a design for the centre of a t-shirt. It must be entirely of your own design, and contain no copywrited material (eg stock images, lengthy quotes. Short quotes are okay). Have fun with it, though - maybe play off quotes used on Obernet, or characters from any of Isobelle's books.

You must be OKAY with the possibility that Obernet will use and publish your image in our shop, though. If you don't want it used, please don't enter it!

The possibilities for designs are endless, and to try get as many diverse entries as possible we're going to split the this competition into two categories; Text-based, and Art-based.

Requirements for Art-based Category Requirements for Text-based Category
- Your entry must be predominantly image-based.
- It can include a small amount of text, but not be dominated by it.
- Your entry must be predominantly, but not entirely text-based (this is not a slogan competition).
- Your text must be readable (no fancy, unreadable fonts!)
- You must still have an image somewhere on your entry. This is an art competition after all. Just the focus of your entry will be text / a small quote.
All entries must be:
- entirely of your own devise/hand.
- submitted in 24-bit .png format.
- not have 'square' edges
Eg, we are not accepting anything that will end up looking like this:

- must be no smaller than 1000 pixels wide [if in doubt, use this template]. It can be smaller or larger in height, and it can be larger in width, it just can't be any SMALLER than 1000 wide.
- should include the site url somewhere in the format of:
If you want to brand the url with the site's actual font - we use this one: A Love of Thunder and the recommended colour is (hex code): #3b4180.

Entries required by:
This competition is open from now until the 1st May 2012.

None required - the winning designs will be picked from a poll posted in Artistsmerge at the closing submission date.

- Once you're ready to submit, upload your artwork/s to your image host of choice, then post it below using the image tag!
- To be elligible for entry or winning points, you must specify whether you are entering the Text-based Category or Art-based Category when you post. Even if you think it's obvious, post it anyway!
- You can enter this competition as many times as you like, but you'll only receive entry points for your first three entries. Breakdown of entry pointage below.

Winning Pointage, Art-based Category: Winning Pointage, Text-based Category:
1st place: 40
2nd place: 30
3rd place: 20
1st place: 15
2nd place: 10
3rd place: 5

All winning designs will be used and made available on t-shirts in our zazzle store, with any proceeds earned going to help pay for Obernet's quarterly site fees.

Entry Pointage, Art-based Category:
Entry Pointage, Text-based Category:
Your first three entries receive: 5 points each
Max entry points earnable: 15 points.
Your first three entries receive: 2 points each
Max entry points earnable: 6 points.

Yes! You can enter both the Art-based and Text-based Categories. If you do, you will receive entry pointage for both. Max entry points earnable in this scenario is 21 (which would consist of at least 3 Art and 3 Text-based entries).

If you have any questions please ask in the Artistsmerge thread, Obernet T-shirt Design Competition.

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Mon Nov 07 2011, 08:06PM

Guild: no guild

Submitting to the image category!
the full size is huge, so there's a link to it down the bottom.

we all know what this is about insert suss lemon pun here

Preview size:

on shirts:

if anyone's wondering I got the shirt images from the threadless model pack

Get the Full size here ~Link~

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Sat Nov 12 2011, 07:48AM

Guild: Ashlings

Please click for full size.

Text Based Category

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Mon Jan 09 2012, 07:20AM

Guild: no guild

So this is less of a design... more of a concept... but either way another submission for the image category!

So I had this one idea, of a float-y haired vector-y minimalist Elspeth saying the site slogan "I am a misfit" but while drawing this image I accidentally flicked the colour over to red, and thought to myself... huh looks like Dragon... so I made a Dragon version and hence a little range of shirts was born. I don't know if this counts as a valid entry since it's technically 4 t-shirts but oh well!

so here's the little series as it would appear on shirts:

And here's each image individually (warning huge files)
Elspeth: ~Link~
Dragon: ~Link~
Maruman: ~Link~
Galtha: ~Link~

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Tue Apr 24 2012, 02:12PM

Guild: Ashlings

Finally! I first sketched this back in November during exam period and I got my exam timetable for this semester yesterday and it's finally, finally finished.
Me thinks digifying images is not my strong suit <<P

Image Based Category
- On that, I really wasn't sure which category to put it in. I figured that one because the majority of it is an image rather than text, but if there's too much text for it to go in that category, feel free to move it?

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Sun Apr 29 2012, 12:03PM

Guild: Ashlings

Text Based Category
This probably doesn't have enough imagyness, but it amuses me

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