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    Isobelle wrote the following to me in a letter sent on the 27/3/06:

    My hope is that it [the final Obernewtyn book] will be finished by August - the publishers are agitating to get it out this year, but much as I want it to come out, I'm anxious not to be hustled at the final stage.

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    New news:

    Hey guys, I thought this newsworthy enough to start a new threat to alert your attention to it (could one of the web tekkies add it to the 'When is The Sending coming out?' thread?).

    Deb alerted us to this post from I've copied it here:

    endora posts on 12/8/2006 9:29:00 AM

    I have heard that there will be two books. Apparently she has been working on it for years trying desperately to make it tight enough to fit into one book, then in one of the rewrites a week or so ago, she suddenly realised that there is a complete book ready to go if she simply shifts one event slightly and even that would happen eventually. Having it come out as two books will then give her the room she needs to finish the final one. Apparently she has been stressing on what to leave out and if this is what will happen, she wont have to leave anything out. The good news is that while she is editing one, to come out next year, the final half will be finished at the same time as the next one comes out. The publishers will bring that out a year later. maybe less. How do I know all this. Well by this incredible coincidenc, I am in prague and sittingin a cafe and in she walks with a friend and they sit at the table next to me and start talking. And I hear all of this nearly swallowing my spoon. so I fnally pluck up the courage to speak to her and she was so nice and I said I swore not to tell anything I had overheard and she said she did not mind me telling people, but that the final decision is yet to be made The publishers might prefer her to wait another six months and try to fit it all in one book. She said all she cared about was that the books were good, and I asked if it would be like Tad Williams green angel tower one and two, and she said no that was confusing. She said she could not do this unless she really felt there was a complete book here. She seemed really happy and she said the best thing was that all those people who had been waiting would get one book next year and then the final one the year after. It was the most amazing thing. I can still hardly believe it happened. maybre I dreamed it...

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    I received the following email from Penguin today:

    Good morning Melinda - thanks for your enquiry.

    I have just gotten off the phone to Isobelle's publisher and I am thrilled to confirm the following for you.

    There will be two more books in this series.

    "The Stone Key" to be published late 2007
    "The Sending" to be published in 2008

    We receive a lot of enquiries from all over the world regarding the release of the next title so it is obviously very much anticipated (especially by many of us here at Penguin!)


    Kind regards, Brad Chappel
    Manager Customer Service


    So there we have it - confirmed - finally - that yes, there will be two more books! Edited Tue Mar 06 2007, 09:04PM
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    From Isobelle:

    - The Stone Key will be out in 2007
    - She'll be moving back to Australia for a while toward the end of next year, "in time for the launch of the final Obernewtyn book". (The Sending)

    You can read more about the letter she sent me here.
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    Hey guys, I've gotten a message from Isobelle re progress of The Stone Key:

    I've finished the last edit and am half way through the galley
    proof!!!! It is a monster lol.


    *squee* No more edits! It's nearly here!
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    OML. Thanks Min. Thats good news.
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    I just come back on here after months of netlessness, and I find out where is gonna be yet another book *headdesk*. Though at least it's nearly here, I love the counter on the homepage btw!

    However certain people I saw in Sydney in April have some explaining to do about not telling me!
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    Just an update to this 'When is the Sending coming out?' debate.

    When I met up with Isobelle overseas she said that she wants the Sending to be released early 2010. But it'll depend on Penguin, as well. Edited Sat Feb 09 2008, 11:16AM
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    As posted here, when we caught up with Isobelle in Sydney on the 23rd/24th May, we found out that it's highly likely that The Sending will be launched in March 2010. Isobelle wants it to be in Feb 2010, but Penguin want it in March (Feb is too close to Xmas, apparently)!
    Huzzuh! Click the link above for news about the Sending Launch, too
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    After discussion in this thread about the Sending being released in August 2010 - I though maybe it was best to ask Isobelle instead of endlessly speculate on the release date to come.

    And I've received word back last night.

    Firstly - I want to set up for this - the world of book publishing appears to be far more political than at least I thought. There's dramas with Random House demanding dates, and Penguin wanting to release at certain times to capture a certain market share. The pressure from both sides sounds horrible.

    But what we need to remember, and I wish the publishers would remember, is that this is the last Obernewtyn book and it should be all about Isobelle. This is a series she's poured her creativity and soul into for decades now and, I can't speak for everyone but, I would be furious if she was forced to bring out the Sending before she was finished with it. And I don't know about you guys, but I honestly enjoy the anticipation leading up to a new Obernewtyn Chronicles book, because I know it'll be worth it (this is all my opinion, by the way, not something Isobelle said, just so we're clear!).

    Secondly, she has finished it. I received an sms, mid-October '09, at about 4am (Isobelle was in Prague) saying it was completed, and now the editing needed to begin (as it was 1300 pages - culling required).

    Thirdly...wait, I'm getting sick of counting, there's lots to tell. I'm up to the updates from last night's email now which I'll summarise in bullet points instead

    - she's waiting on Nan's (her editor's) notes for The Sending. She'll know how much work/time is involved once they come back.

    - Random are trying to get her to send the first half (what they're publishing as "The Sending") as is, to edit with their own editor. Isobelle doesn't want to have to try editing the same book with two different editors - as she had to do with another book once. So she's asking them to wait for her to have one more go over it.

    - she thinks that the book cannot come out in the US before the Australian release; licensing/publishing laws. I think this is right, I vaguely remember Sharlene mentioning something about this new publishing guideline in Australia.

    - As for when it will come out in Australia - again, she says she'll know more for certain once her editor's notes are back - but she doesn't think they will bring it out in August. It's likely they would release later in the year. Which wouldn't be fair because...

    - if it's released later 2010, Isobelle won't be able to be here for the launch. So...

    - Ideally (not set in stone, or confirmed by any publishing house) The Sending would be pushed to February 2011. This means that Isobelle could be in Australia for the launch. She doesn't believe that either publishing house will wait this long to release it, though.

    So that's the news - straight from Isobelle's, hand. She's told me she'll send updates as soon as she knows just how much editing will be required from Nan.

    Personally, and I know this has been a bit of an opinionated update, but after following this series for the better part of my life, I would much rather Isobelle be happy with this story, than the publishers. And I don't think it would be a Sending Launch without her, so I honestly hope that everyone can get behind the Feb 2011 date. If nothing else, we can be guaranteed that it'll come out before Feb 2011. Edited Tue Feb 23 2010, 06:22PM
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    In this interview from late April 2010, Isobelle discusses the Sending and when it'll possibly be coming out!

    The last installment of the Obernewtyn series, The Sending, isn’t far from being released. How difficult is it to close a series that’s been with you for so long?

    Further away than my fans or publisher like. It was supposed to come out this year, but I found I just could not work when the book was scheduled and everyone was hanging on me to finish. It was like trying to work in a room where people were shouting at you that you were going to miss the bus. Luckily, Penguin have been able to bear with me and have eased the pressure, so the book will be coming out next year. They will make an announcement about it, but I think the word might already be out, and my name’s probably mud. I know some writers can deliver a book exactly when they say they will, but I honestly don’t know how that is possible. For me, a book is a journey and I don’t know how long it will take. I have a map, but it is sparse and there are so many things to see and learn and explore before I find what I set out to find. I write in order to think and that means I don’t know how long it will take me to figure it out. I think of it as a very organic process, but that might be a nice way to say utterly disorganized. The thing it that whatever word you apply, that is how I work and if people like the stories I write, then they have to allow me the means to get them.

    I do think there is a bit of a perception that I am spinning it out or that I am unable to close. Neither is true. Despite the size of the books, I really have to work to get everything in each one and I cut and cut and cut to do it. They are absolutely not padded. I imagine padding would be such a boring thing to have to do. Cutting is hard work but incredibly satisfying, and it is balanced with elaborating and clarifying, because the stories are all very complex. For me, the process of editing does not happen after the book is finished but is part of the whole creative process. Sometimes this has meant publishers have felt I am close to done when I know I am not. But I do know where this series is going and the last book is completely written in first draft. But, as I said, that does not mean it is finished. There is a lot of stuff to be sorted out, honed back, a lot of threads to be joined and that happens in a to and fro process that is hard to control. But I am on it. I am getting there and I will get there. And I am not afraid to finish or trying for perfection. I need the books to be ended properly. I need to feel a true sense of completion or how will readers feel it? I actually think I am closer than I think, now that I am no longer under such pressure.
    Edited Sat Oct 09 2010, 09:36AM
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    In today's letter from Isobelle:

    ...The good news is that the next book, which will be called The Sending, is able to come out sooner than it would have done with any other solution, and though The Red Queen will not come out in the same year, this gives me more time to add what needs adding to the final book. The Sending will be published in September 2011....

    And as is mentioned above, The Sending is no longer the final book. It will be split in two, with The Red Queen being the final instalment.

    Visit This Thread For the full letter and to join in the discussion. Edited Thu Dec 16 2010, 01:31PM
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    The Penguin website show The Sending (book 6) listed as coming out end October 2011: ~Link~

    We have since had this confirmed by our Penguin contacts, and the official release date is 31st October 2011. Edited Mon Sep 19 2011, 06:52PM
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    I have the map, and will upload it ASAP.
    It also has a nice cover for the Aussie edition of the Red Queen in the back, different to the American edition.

    I was happily sorting out holds at work yesterday (I work in a library) and I found a copy of the Sending! Sadly, it was on hold for someone else, but I did manage to photocopy the map before I left. ::) I will upload it as soon as I can find the appropriate place. Anyone else know why this seems to have been missed? O_O
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    Are you sure, Thalia?

    I went to my local Dymocks yesterday and pre-ordered my copy. They said they would not get it until 1st November! On Monday the city Dymocks said the same thing...
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    this doesn't make sense. I've already had my copy preordered, how can it be out already? Beware of spoilers....
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    Well, unless the library got a few copies in early? But then there should have been a heap of paperwork telling us to hide it until the official release. I did see it though. Does anyone know the most appropriate place to upload the map? I didn't have time to photocopy anything else....
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    Hey Thalia - can you hold off scanning the map? We don't want any major spoilers such as that (as it does kind of give away some things) prior to the official release date to leak it's way onto the interwebs, and images posted online start getting reposted and catalogued by google almost straight away.
    This request is from both members who won't be able to get the book for another month, and from Isobelle.
    A spoiler thread has been set up on the theories board to facilitate any early discussion, though? Edited Thu Sep 29 2011, 10:52PM
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    Hey Guys!!!! I'm sooooo excited to hear that the sendings coming out!!!!! BUT I was even MORE excited to hear that one of the stops on hear tour is REALLY close to my house!!!! But, okay, i have this question and it sounds kinda stupid but i'm new to this, sooo, here it goes. Wat actually happen at a book launch?!?!?! sorry if this isn't the right place to ask but i really didn't know where else i should!!!!! If anyone could say anything to help it would be AWESOME!!!!! :rolling: Thanks SOOO much!!!!!!
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    Min - I agree that the map could be considered a minor spoiler (I've seen it: I've read a library copy), but if that's really a problem from Isobelle's point of view why did she put the map at the beginning of the book?
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    I think it's okay once you have the book in hand - majority of people will be reading it straight away and paying more attention to the map's specifics later, during the read. But when all you have is the map, for a month, you're going to keep looking at it and trying to figure out what it means, where she goes, etc. More likely to go spoiler hunting then, or run across spoilers when talking about the map to those who have read it, which is what we (and Isobelle) are trying to avoid.
    Make sense?
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    Oh I've started it - got it today, totally forgot it was out *slaps wrist*, but it's already to hard to put down. i just had to share my excitement with everyone. I'm so excited! I haven't seen the map yet - I don't want it to interfere with how I read the book, so I'll look at it when I'm through and then sort it out and come up with theories.. So happy reading everyone, and happy The Sending day!!
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    Yay, happy 'official' Sending day!
    And with that, it's time to close this thread stay tuned for a 'When is The Red Queen coming out' thread
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