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Description: A minescrape is a type of mine found only on Acantha, with the purpose of harvesting callstones. Manual labour is required because the callstones (and the rare darklins) are easily shattered.

The minescrape is a favoured workplace for people wanting to have a degree of anonymity. Each miner is assigned a specific section of tunnel, called a dig.

There is a high turnover of workers in the minescrape, and most are non-Acanthans, trying to earn some quick money. Miners hire a proxy to fill in for them if they are unable to work, so that they don't lose their dig.
Notes: The name of the minescrape is made up of 'mine' and 'scrape' which is probably meant to refer to the method of mining, as the miners are obliged to use a combination of tools and their bare hands.
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