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Description: Callstones, like Darklins, are found in the minescrapes of Acantha. They allow people on Keltor to communicate with one another over long distances. A callstone can be used as a kind of receiver, or it can be set up to both send and receive messages.

Each callstone can hold a certain amount of power, which depends upon its size and shape. Only the soulweavers are capable of tuning the stones so that they can be used. The power is lost gradually as the stone is used, and each stone can only be tuned once. An untuned callstone is said to be 'raw'.

Callstones can be tuned in two ways: one for open callstone bulletins which bring news from all septs and to all septs; the other for private communications.

Near the beginning of Darkfall it is revealed that there is a callstone shortage across Keltor. Jurass, the chieftain of Acantha, who has control over the distribution of the stones, is believed to have caused the shortage deliberately. This shortage has led to an underground market in callstones, known as the 'shadow market', which means that only wealthy people are able to afford the stones.
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