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Description: Sether is a white, nearly luminous moss with feathery fronds that grows exclusively on Acantha. Sether grows so densely on the surface of the island that it gives a momentary illusion that the ground is covered in snow. Sether has a sweet scent, which reminds Glynn of wisteria or violets.

Sky sether, a variety of sether that is blue and purple, only grows on the Black Tower (the largest mountain on Acantha). Its scent is much stronger than the white.

It is said that sky sether grew first in the place where the Firstmade saw Shenavyre and fell in love with her. Acanthan lovers who wish to be together for life give it to their partners.
Notes: The name of 'sether' may be related to 'heather', a flowered shrub that grows on heathland and moorland in Europe, and has a beautiful scent. Interestingly, the more common types of heather generally have purple flowers, whereas white heather is rare, and sometimes considered to be lucky.
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