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Description: Strong, athletic women who are sworn to protect the soulweavers of Darkfall. Also known as 'spear maids' because they carry a fighting javelin. Myrmidons can come from any sept and must go through a personal 'rhiad' to prove they are capable of being a myrmidon. Glynn is mistaken for a myrmidon due to her build, athletic ability and presence.

Myrmidons are looked upon unfavourably because of their alliance to Darkfall, and are often called by the derogatory term 'manwomen'.

Duran is the chieftain of Myrmidor as well as the leader of the myrmidons.

Myrmidons are trained in fighting and other skills such as acrobatics and sleight of hand. Myrmidons are said to use secret handsignals to communicate. They carry javelins and are trained in pole fighting techniques as well as a style of fighting that is similar to Glynn's martial arts training.

The majority of myrmidons bind their hair in complicated tiny plaits and dreadlocks, cuffed with beads and clips. A myrmidon on rhiad may not yet have her hair bound.
Significant People: Tareed, Feyt, Duran, Silfa, Gorick, Dolf, Fridja.
Talents: Wisdom and fighting abilities
Notes: The Myrmidons were an ancient nation of Greek mythology, who were known for their loyalty to their leaders. In Homer's Iliad, the Myrmidons are the soldiers commanded by Achilles, and are the best fighters in all of Greece.
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