Isobelle has FINISHED The Sending!

Exciting news posted on Isobelle's facebook wall this morning!

Isobelle Carmody finishes The Sending

Congratulations Isobelle!

The hope is that The Sending, which is book 6 in the Obernewtyn Chronicles (The Red Queen, book 7, still to come) will be released in September this year.
Min on Sunday 27 March 2011 - 16:31:35
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jossie @ 28 Mar : 03:11
so so excited!!

Gahltha_Heart @ 28 Mar : 04:58
YAYYYYY!!! Cant wait to read it!!!!!

Min @ 29 Mar : 07:51
I know right, it's so awesome!

Mighty_Bazooka @ 02 Apr : 17:27
My brain asplode from excitement!!! o.o Almost, anyway. But seriously, OMG.

AxeinGuanette @ 05 Apr : 04:39
Yes! *huggles nearest person, who happens to be Axe's brother, who pushes her away* The wait is almost over!

miss gyspy94 @ 08 Apr : 03:02
i'm excited for it , seems like we've been waiting forever so excited for it : ) , but i don't mind if that means it will be fantastic !
[ edited 08 Apr : 03:05 ]

melephant @ 08 Apr : 21:04
oh wow, could we actually be getting this book in the near future?! I'm so excited, its been forever in the making it seems, lol, Isobelle must be happy to have reached this milestone! I know I can't wait!!!!!! :-D

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